Frequently Asked Questions

What's in it for a Performer?

  • Professional Facility
  • Dedicated Space for rehearsals and performances
  • Multiple rooms for shared use
  • Alternative space for outdoor events needing to relocate
  • Long-term support for artistic and cultural initiatives

What's in it for Attendees?

  • Promote Cultural Activities
  • Strengthen Town Identity
  • Platform for Private and Public Events
  • Repurposing of Heritage Building
  • Close proximity to downtown
  • High quality events facility

What's in it for Sponsors?

  • Ongoing Business Advertisement
  • Discounted Access for Rentals
  • Part of Community Investment Strategies
  • Attractive to potential employees looking to relocate
  • Professional and heritage venue for business conferences and events

What's in it for the Community

  • Cultural events and initiatives are attractive to individuals/employees looking to relocate to the town
  • Facilities dedicated to arts and culture encourage investment and enhance/grow economies
  • Dedicated venues help galvanize town and community identities encouraging engagement with unique regional culture
  • A high quality space for community events including memorial services, awards ceremonies, and fundraisers enhances the experience for participants and planners

How much will it cost to build it?

  • Initial costs for retro-fitting the main space for performances will cost approximately $50,000.00
  • Costs associated with updating remaining rooms will run an additional $50,000.00
  • The cost associated with constructing an extension on the front of the building will run upwards of $150,000.00

When will it be ready?

  • The space is ready to be used now
  • The facility will be built up over the next five years
  • Professional seating and technology should be installed by the end of the 2017/2018 performance season